Friday, April 4, 2014

Better Question: Why Not?

It's been three months since the semester started and another month will pass until it ends.  It is months like these where the redundancy of routine can feel overwhelming.  I'm currently taking 18 credits in school and working my job with people with disabilities.  The monotonous day to day activity can feel heavy, slow, and suffocating. While experiencing these feelings one day, I decided that I needed to get out and experience the world around me.  Not everyone shares my same desire to get outside and explore the world, and often ask me why I want to do what I want to do.  I often find myself giving the most simple answer I can think of, "Why not?"

A couple of weeks ago I took off for a much needed break that included relaxation, the sun, and the beach.
I got this shot while on the short trail heading to Solomon and Honeymoon Beaches.  This is overlooking Great Cruz Bay.  Sailboat anyone?

This is St. John, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and it is a spec-tac-ular place to visit.  It is just a short  ferry ride away from the greater populated St. Thomas and is a must see island in my book!  I love traveling and it always feels good and exciting to check another location off the long list of dream destinations around the world.  St. John has about 5,000 permanent residents and, consequently, is much more quiet than most of the other islands.  That was one of the things I loved most about this place; it wasn't overcrowded and everyone had their own space to play.

We are always taking pictures! Alexa snapped this quick shot in Hurricane Hole with our GoPro Hero 2.

One day was spent exploring Hurricane Hole, one of the most sheltered bays on the island.  We set off with our snorkel gear and lunch packed away in our boat's hull.  The day was spent snorkeling, free diving, and enjoying beach time with food and good company.  The water was clear, the coral was vibrant, and it was a perfect day where I forgot all about school and work.  While skimming across the water's surface in our yellow kayak I felt light, strong, and rejuvenated.  I was excited to be outside doing what I love to do.  Whether I'm exploring places I've never seen or places I've seen hundreds of times, the reward is always great.  

Every time I go somewhere, see something, or find something new, I get motivated and immediately start thinking of more places to go and things to do.  Whether I'm climbing, hiking, surfing, wake boarding, camping, fishing, kayaking, swimming, running, biking, or slacklining, I love being outside.  I enjoy documenting my experiences with the hopes that I can encourage others to get out of the day to day routine and see for themselves what this world has to offer.  This was one adventure of many, and there are many more to come. Check back shortly for more updates, reviews, and news. Cheers.