Thursday, December 4, 2014

Opening Day, Thanksgiving, Oh Christmas Tree

Check out the video of our weekend HERE!!!

What a crazy Thanksgiving break!  To celebrate some time off of school, we were able to be at Snowbasin Resort for opening day on Nov. 26.  It was super crowded and very crazy, but we had a fun day nonetheless.  It was an abnormally warm day, so the conditions weren't spectacular and only a few runs were open.  We were able to rid ourselves from the rust of the off-season and get back into riding form.

Thanksgiving was great.  I spent Thanksgiving with the in-laws this year and it started with a morning basketball game with Uncle Randy and his family.  We dove into our Thanksgiving feast at a church in Riverdale with extended family.  Dinner was followed by a talent show where we performed quite the rendition of "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" with Alexa on the piano, my father-in-law on the accordion, and me bringing it home on the ukulele.

After the party, we stretched and prepared ourselves emotionally and physically for the events that were about to unfold.  That is... Black Friday.  We got to Walmart at 6:00 pm, when the deals kicked off.  As one might expect, it was a claustrophobic experience that left me with a massive headache.  After more shopping that night and on Friday, we had pretty much completed our Christmas shopping for the year.

Like many others, we pulled out the Christmas decorations to ring in another December.  After all the shopping and buying and deals and ads slapping me in the face, I had to take a deep breath to think about and appreciate the approaching Christmas season.  Remembering Christ's birth and the life that he led will continue to inspire me as I try to follow his example throughout my life.  I'll save the rest of my Spirit of Christmas speech for another post, prepare yourself.