Friday, September 11, 2015

Dude, Where's My Car? Needin' Some California Dreamin'.

We had just taken a great weekend trip up to our home away from home at Bear Lake. It included the usual: wakesurfing, hot tubbing, shakes, etc. I am super fortunate to have a place to escape to up there and never take it for granted.

It was a great weekend with great weather. I have been working in South Jordan temporarily for the last couple of months, and sent Ali up with her family and said I would meet them up there. She met her Dad at a hotel that he runs in Layton and they took off from there. We came back early Sunday morning and went to pick up the car from the hotel later that day. The conversation went something like this.

"Ok, where did you park?"

"See that spot with that Honda Civic?"


"That's where I left the car."

"I see.."

"It's gone, they must have towed it."

After speaking with the hotel....

"They've never authorized a tow in their parking lot."

"Well, we better make a few phone calls."

Never in my life have I ever even thought about the possibility of my car being stolen. I don't think I even know anyone who has had a car stolen. It was a crazy experience. In a way, it made me feel very violated. They got in my car which had a lot of personal possessions in it (equating to about $4,500 worth of things actually) and just took off. A pathetic thieving coward took my car. It's now been two weeks, no sign of the car or anything in it. I had golf clubs in there, a GoPro, souvenirs, I was crushed. The insurance has been, as expected, incredibly slow. I still don't have a check for the belongings in the car, or replacement funds for the car, or a rental car for that matter. It has been quite the terrible process. I continue my attempt in moving the process forward with little success.

After the car theft incident, we were lucky enough to make it to Southern California for the holiday weekend. While there, we did typical Southern California things....


Eating at The Crab Cooker

Beach Laying & Walking

Catching an Angel's Game

Beachside Biking


It was a much needed getaway after the car theft incident. We left our worries behind and enjoyed a beautiful weekend in a place we love. I wish I could write more, but I've gotta go call the insurance company....