Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Trip to the Movies

Wow, these past six months have been absolutely insane.  I moved out of Logan, worked at a great company all summer, moved back to Logan, and have been working for a great organization all semester.  I have posted a few things on several different blogs, but haven't done any real blogging of my own during that time.  Writing a blog is hard.  It makes complete sense to me why so many people start and then fail after a few posts.  Life always somehow seems to get in the way of writing and documented, well, that same life!

I do a fair amount of writing for work and have to continuously remind myself to revisit the things I've written for me.  I vow to do a better job!  You might be asking "Really Shane, I bet you get caught up in work and school again and neglect the documentation of yourself."  I can't blame you for thinking that.  We see it happen over and over when beautiful new families set out to create the blog that will tell of their fairytale-like lives, or the mothers who dream of being the next best mommy blogger. I applaud their efforts. I, too, attempt to replicate their sense of dedication at the beginning of the project.  How, then, am I going to accomplish my goal and be diligent in keeping my promise?  I turn to film.

I find myself taking pictures and videos of things I'd like to remember.  This includes anything from catching a mouse in my house, sitting on a beach, taking a bike ride in the mountains, to gathering with friends.  My newly restructured blog will contain more and more video segments of, well, myself.  I'll be sharing thoughts, ideas, stories and experiences, events, and anything else I find somewhat meaningful.  I should probably apologize in advance as my continuous jabbering will more than likely fall on deaf ears.  For those who have interest, however, I am very excited to share my life with you in this way.  It'll be an adventure at the very least.

So here is my first attempt at filming our lives.  I definitely have some work to do, like making it so everyone else can hear what we are saying.... I will learn quickly, but until then you are just going to have to deal with the learning curve.  Because the videos will generally be too big for this blog site, you can find them on my personal YouTube account.  The link to this is: Go ahead and subscribe. Everybody, welcome to my life.

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